The Maiden Voyage Business Traveller Safety Series

These modules will provide travellers and their managers with practical tips and advice which includes a special focus on women and LGBTQ+ travellers. Spending £19.99 could save your life. Select your modules below.

About Maiden Voyage

Webinar Overview: Are you a frequent business traveller, who feels stressed, overwhelmed or under a lot of pressure? Perhaps you are unhealthy, tired, or lacking confidence? Maybe you feel down, your motivation’s gone, have lost your spark and want it back? If you want to improve your health, happiness, manage stress and live a resilient life with positive thoughts, passionate feelings and energizing behaviours, this webinar is for you. Delivered by Dr. Lucy Rattrie, Chartered Psychologist, Creating Sona Ltd Read More

This webinar will be of particular interest to frequent flyers challenged by jet lag, the stress of travel, travel delays that sap time and productivity and those who detest the fact that frequent travel interrupts healthy lifestyle habits, while disrupting work life balance. In the age of globalisation, technology and the quest for the ultimate competitive advantage being able to travel well to arrive well is the ultimate competitive advantage. Mastering this key skill will enable you to perform better on the road and still have the energy and flexibility to adapt to the ever changing business and geopolitical landscape. Delivered by Christopher Babayode, Founder & Travel Wellness Expert, Read More

Webinar Overview: In this webinar, Jackie Black, Director & Training Consultant of Digital Business Communication Ltd will give a brief overview of the cultural dimensions commonly used by interculturalists to define culture. She will introduce key aspects of culture which are important to you as professional travellers: cultural values, attitudes, beliefs and customs. You will then have an opportunity to explore your own cultural assumptions, compare the differences in cultural values between your home country and others and consequently, take away tips on how to develop intercultural awareness and become more competent living and working in an international environment. Topics covered: What do we mean by ‘culture’? Identifying the different elements of culture. The importance of communication: an awareness of subtle cultural differences in the way we communicate. Understand how your own style may be perceived by other cultures and get practical clues as to when, how and why you may want to adjust your communication style. Non-verbal communication: body language, personal space etc. Doing business across cultures: adapting to differences in management and working styles, business communications and negotiation styles, hierarchy and status, team-building, running a meeting, the perception of time. Cultural values and attitudes in the workplace: women in business, dress code, etc. Socialising and building relationships: social customs and etiquette for dining out, entertaining, giving of gifts. Read More

51% of women told us, in research conducted by Maiden Voyage, that they have at some point felt vulnerable when staying in a hotel. Hotels are public spaces, attracting all kinds of scenarios and people. This informative webinar will help you to reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of crime and help you to avoid safety related incidents when staying away from home.     Read More

There aren't enough hours in the day. You only stop for caffeine refuels. You travel so much you can't remember which time zone you're in. Your body clock beats to its own drum. You'd feel guilty going to the airport spa because, after all, you could spend that time working. Sound familiar? In society's glorification of busy, work-life balance is sacrificed and self-care takes a back seat. Stella Photi, founder of Wellbeing Escapes, shares her knowledge on learning to relax, recenter, and nurture our bodies in the busiest of life's seasons.    Read More

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